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Post  shimeixiaoxiao on Fri Sep 23, 2011 11:56 am

These making jewelry kit ideas include projects for both kids.pandora beads , You might consider creating and selling kits like these like a business, or giving them as gifts, or using them to provide beading parties for kids.ghd ,

Popular Projects for a Teen / Kids Jewelry Making Kit

Children and teens like to make and wear jewelry.mbt , And a trendy jewelry project having a cool name can make a large amount of sales!

These are some popular jewelry projects for kids of all ages to create. They're great designs to teach at a jewelry workshop or beading party, in order to offer as kits.

1) Friendship Bracelet - for girls or boys. This has been a hot jewelry item for the past several years, with no manifestation of declining. Nice made with either "natural" beads, or colorful glass / plastic ones, and strung on leather or hemp cord.

2) Friendship Anklet - like the bracelet above, except made ankle-size. (Less likely to be worn by boys.)

3) Surfer Dude / Surfer Chick Necklace - for boys or girls. A rustic choker-length necklace featuring a few beads and sometimes a little pendant. You can offer a number of rugged, "natural" beads like clay, bone, horn, wood, recycled glass, etc. The beads and pendant are strung onto leather cord or rubber tubing, fastened with either sliding leather knots or a basemetal clasp. It is really an especially popular teen / older kids jewelry making kit.

4) Princess Bracelet - an incredibly popular jewelry making kit for females. Possible components: large-hole beads to string on a pretty ribbon that ties to the princess' wrist having a bow; beads to string on heavy-duty stretch cord; beads to string on beading wire and fastened with a basemetal toggle clasp. Pink and purple really are a must in these designs.

5) Dragon-Bone Necklace - a popular making jewelry kit for boys. Simply provide a variety of bone beads and some interesting spacer beads to string on leather cord and fasten off with sliding, adjustable knots.

6) Magic Bracelet - for girls or boys. An assortment of small magnetic hematite beads in a number of shapes makes an endlessly fascinating toy in addition to a bit of jewelry.

Strategies for Creating a Making jewelry Kit

Many of the commercially-made jewelry kits are disappointingly junky. They have a skimpy range of cheap components, flimsy tools, and poorly written instructions - packaged in a deceptively large box. It's very easy to create something that's vastly much better than these!

When I create a making jewelry kit for workshops or for sale, I put myself in the customer's shoes - an amount be exciting to find within the kit? Here's an example of generate an income created some bead bracelet kits:

Each kit contained beads in a popular color scheme, with a few nice contrasting accent beads and a minimum of one cool focal bead. I included an inspiring mixture of bead colors, shapes, etc., and used a beadboard to measure the number of inches of beads I had been putting into each kit.

I quickly tossed in a few extra inches of beads, therefore the recipient might have a good selection to create with, and several leftover beads for other projects. I added a coil of leather stringing cord (cut a few inches longer than even the largest wrist would need), and instructions for good design, an appropriate fit, and making sliding knots.

I packaged it all in a transparent jewelry zip-close bag, stapled my product card to the top - coupled with a nice jewelry making kit.


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