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Post  laifa on Thu Sep 22, 2011 1:26 pm

Are you trying to find a diamond ring in the right price? If you're much like me and you want all the details, knowing about the process of diamond ring pricing might help , One you understand this, obtaining a great deal on the diamond ring may be easier for you.ugg ,
Pricing an engagement ring is not as simple as it appears.ugg stivali , You may think the jewelry store just has to compare some prices in the marketing and value the ring in an appropriate margin. While this might work with a gold necklace, there is lots more to be considered because of the craftsmanship and excellence of a gemstone of these brilliance.
In determining the cost, the cost of the raw diamond, the costs of cutting it, and everything else that's place in to creating diamonds is considered. Four of the most important things that are also factored into the price are the clarity, the cut, the color, as well as the weight from the diamond. Simply to certify the diamond is at a particular grade can cost you more money - because there are independent companies that do the evaluation.
In order you can see, diamonds is floating around through various companies way before it reaches the retail jewelry store. Every time it changes location, there is a charge for shipping and labor. So after a diamond is mined, it needs to be cut and polished, certified, after which it reaches the market.
Diamonds market that I've mentioned isn't the typical jewelry store that you might be thinking about. Diamonds must still go out to the wholesalers. Then stores try to look for diamonds at wholesale prices to enable them to mark the price up much more for consumers to buy. Is a gimmick? No. Most stores operate this way. So whether you're buying a tv or a diamond engagement ring, the things trade hands so often before they're sold in the customer market.
Have you already purchased a diamond? If you're really trying to puzzle out if you got the best price, there is no guide that will tell the average consumer. Simply by looking at the carat value isn't good enough, because there are various elements that I already mentioned that factor in to the price. So what in the event you do?
Get it appraised should you actually want to learn more details. However, an appraisal is not always accurate. To get it certified with the GIA - the Gemological Institute of America. You can use a cutter's guide and the information within the certificate to find out how much your diamond is actually worth.
Have I made things too complicated to determine the price? Let me simplify things. When you shop for a diamond ring, there's something that you could look at. Whether you buy an engagement ring inside a retail jewelry store or a store online, look at the various specifications of the diamond.
Besides looking at carat number and the kind of setting it is in, also look at the factors I've mentioned such as: the clarity, the cut, the colour, the carat weight. These are also known as the 4 C's. If you're able to obtain a price guide on what the diamond cutting industry uses, then you will possess a fair assessment of the diamond price.
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