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Post  xiaofeifei on Mon Sep 26, 2011 2:59 pm

Some skinny girls are too much concerned of their body shape that they lose their confidence.moncler himalaya , If you belong to this kind of girl, now it is time to take a look at the following tips. They will show you how to mix and match garments so that you can look fuller to bring back your confidence.

Firstly, you had better choose layered clothing since it will add more volume to your appearance. If you don't have this kind of clothing you can do a mix-and-match fashion with single garments. You can layer those garments by wearing a vest, shrug, jacket, or bolero over tight T-shirt. Those garments will conceal your skinny body. Besides, you will look more stylish with those outers in any styles you like, either casual or feminine. You can wear a scarf to add the volume and give you a more stylish look. Furthermore, it will conceal your thin neck. You can select the material and type of the scarf.

Dealing with scarf, you can also wear thick outfits to match the scarf. It will keep you warm and comfortable in cold weather. However, you can wear them for sake of fashion as it will give more volume to your look.

Speaking on accessories, you don't have to wear any belts, especially those with mid-waist type. They will make you look thinner. Don't get it wrong to think that more accessories will give you fullness. They actually generate a complicated look. Instead, choose clothes that will give you bigger look without accessories, such as baby-doll style garments. You can play with the patterns and colors. For color, you can wear green degradation to look bigger.

The best way to look fatter is actually to play with patterns. If you want to use stripped clothing, never choose garments with vertical stripes. You will look skinnier in such garments. You had better wear ones with horizontal or diagonal lines. Those lines will give you curves that you seem bigger.

For shoes, you had better choose ones with lower heels. You can also wear boots since they are the trickiest type of shoes for thin legs. On the other hand, high-heel shoes will give you skinnier look. When you seem taller with those high-heel shoes, your legs will look skinnier than they actually are. Speaking on leg, you have to pay attention to jeans or pants you are going to wear. Avoid super-tight or skinny jeans and pants. Choose those with parallel style or straight cut.

With those tips, those who are skinny will look fatter and more stylish. Now you can be confident going anywhere without bothering your skinny body. The only important thing to keep in your mind is that nobody抯 perfect. Just be smart and creative when you deal with fashion.


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